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"Yoga teaches you to strive for Progress, not Perfection"

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My Story

"Oh! You don't need to exercise, you are so thin" I have heard this all my life until reality dawned upon me that the size of my body is not equivalent to being fit. When I started my journey, I was embarrassingly stiff. I could not even touch my toes. It was only when I regularly started practicing is when I realized that yoga goes beyond touching the toes. 

Move Your Body, Everybody!

Yoga is not for the flexible, it is for the willing. Your body is capable of doing anything, it is the mind which needs convincing.

These beautiful yoga poses is the fruit of months of practice, dedication, consistency, hardwork, discipline, tolerance and patience. 

Let's hear it from my Star Yogis

kakasana, crow pose, arm balance, core

Puja J


I have only positive things to say about Radha’s yoga class. Each minute spent in her class is meaningful and useful to me. She encourages everyone to get better and feel better, regardless of age, ability and body size. She provides each of us with a complete personal attention and pushes us to achieve the best. Even after doing yoga since many years, what I have learned in her class is exactly what I was looking for.  I am able to do poses which I never thought I would be able to crack. She works on our strengths  and weaknesses and balances it out like no other. Thank you so much Radha for all that you do to make us more flexible and a happy soul.

Let's Get Moving 


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